Lyrics to U Can't Tell me Nuffin'
by Dizzee Rascal

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[edit]Song titleU Can't Tell me Nuffin'
[edit]Artist nameDizzee Rascal
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Cause I've been through madness
'Nuff madness
You can't tell me nothing
And I've done pure badness
'Nuff badness
You can't tell me nothing
And I've had a lot of drama 'Nuff drama
You can't tell me nothing
Just look in my eyes, it's all too clear
But it don't matter, cause I'm still here

Verse 1:
D-the-i-the-zz-the-e-the-e, straight from the LDN
I don't wanna hear no talk about
streets and all that thug from
way back when
Been a bad boy, I'll destroy
your joy, gotta toy that'll put
that shit to a end
That and I walk the walk cause I
talk the talk, you got a
problem, step to me then
Otherwise don't pretend, stop,
breathe, count to ten
Keep on chatting or get the leng
I stand up tall, I don't bend
So if you got a crew, go get your men
We can meet up, say where and when
I'll be on time like Big Ben
couldn't ever take me for a speng
And I ain't saying it again


Verse 2:
I like to move it, move it
You want beef prove it
You got a problem, don't excuse it
You got a 9mm, it's your prerogative, use it
You got a temper, lose it
If not just bounce to the music
that's a better choice anyway, choose it
Cause you know that you can't refuse it
Watch the beat, how I bruise it
Wild out and nod your head, stupid
I ain't cupid, no love lost
Find more similar lyrics on get paid in the end whatever the cost
I'm the boss, still work with me
don't stand looking pretty like Kate Moss
Put your hands up like you couldn't give a toss
Either way you know I'm gonna get my point across


Get me?
I'm still fucking here
I don't give a shit
I don't answer to none of you pussyholes
I live my fucking life, yeah
I live my fucking life Fuck you

(Oi rudeboy, what's all the hyping for?)
These pussyholes don't want no war
They are just acting, I've seen it before
They are just acting, I've seen it before
(Rudeboy, what's all the hyping for?)
These pussyholes don't want no war
They are just acting, I've seen it before
They are just acting, I've seen it before

Verse 3:
Finally, fuck who's listening
The world don't owe me shit and
the feeling's mutual
I just wanna be neutral but I ain't no prick
So no, I don't smile when I see
you, grin when I greet you
If it weren't business I'd beat you
And I'd rather be a asshole than a pussyhole
you're a bitch and I see through
So fuck you and fuck your ego
Cause I really was a poor little negro
don't need no chain or a throwback
I'm really from the streets and you know that
But I really would rather be touring
Cause most players on the roads ain't scoring
But now it's Maths & English, I'm focused
And it's Dirtee Stank, so take notice


You can't tell me nothing!
You can't tell me nothing!
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Lyrics to U Can't Tell me Nuffin'
by Dizzee Rascal

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