Lyrics to Itz Your Fantasy
by DJ Quik

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[edit]Song titleItz Your Fantasy
[edit]Artist nameDJ Quik
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Who taught you how to do this shit?
Yeah, you bad than a motherfucker

Tell me, why are you so curious and why you keep on starin'
At the motherfuckin' zipper on these jeans that I'm wearin'
'Cause baby, what's in there is beyond your wildest dreams
And although it seems that I'm on the nigga hoe team

Girl, listen, listen, Mary don't you weep, I don't come cheap
And I'm not just no nigga off the street, I'm a certified specialized pro
Who's got a lot of soul when you're swingin' off the end of my pole

But the matter at hand is the size and how it makes ya act
When you get it up and in between your thighs
You could squirm and squeal and try to make a deal
That'll keep me on your jock for whenever you get that feelin' for the real

And when it gets swollen you think you'll be controllin' me
Because I put the pole in your hole, see
But however it's done, it's 68 and I owe you 1
I'm doin' it for the thrill of it, so tell me can you feel it?

Itz your fantasy baby, tell me if you feel it
You know you wanna feel it
Itz your fantasy, sing it if you feel it

Okay, let's find a place, somethin' out of dodge
Like the Quality Inn or the Travelodge
Since I'm goin' out of my way, baby you pay for the spot
See it's only right since you gettin' the cock

Now tell me who's gonna get the rubbers?
First things first, yes, I like a bitch
Who carries lifestyles in her purse
So since you know the play
Close the curtains all the way

And get ready for a toss and some rib sauce
With a little weed I could do a good deed
And as long as you ain't bleedin'
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But I got a little ritual before we make love
You gotta dish-a-dish a-scrub
Wash-a-wash, a-wash, a-rinse in the bathtub

Hennessy and apple juice to sip on
Get a little buzzed and we can get our dig on
So don't trip 'cause when you takin' off your clothes
To reveal it, I'ma make you feel it

Sing it if ya feel it, itz your fantasy, baby
Touch me if ya feel it, I need to know if you feel it
Can you feel it baby?

Now put it where you want it, get in where you fit in
'Cause when it comes to hittin' it, splittin' it, I ain't bullshittin'
See, you look so good you make me wanna go bare back on ya
But I ain't hittin' unless I use the whole pack on ya

Bitch didn't ya know I have more stamina than a horse?
So don't trip just let the Hen take it's course
Yeah, right now your frontin', shy, actin' like you nervous
Naw, turnaround, lay down and let me pound on your cervix

Yeah, it's the log ride, like at magic mountain
Take it out your mouth and shoot it like a fountain
Pull and watch it explode
Let me change my tire and I'm right back on the road

Now is this more than you expected?
You let me drive that coochie and I wrecked it
So even though I'll never get another chance to kill it
It's cool just as long as I made you feel it

Itz your fantasy, tell me if you feel it
You know you love it, sing it if you feel it
You make me feel it, I know you feel it
You know you feel it, tell me if you feel it
Sing it if you feel it, yeah, you feel it
I love to make you feel it, ooh, you feel it
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Lyrics to Itz Your Fantasy
by DJ Quik

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