Lyrics to Intoxicated rat
by Doc Watson

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[edit]Song titleIntoxicated rat
[edit]Artist nameDoc Watson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The other night when I come in, so drunk I
couldn't see I hooked my toe in the old doormat
and fell as flat as I could be

I had me a little old bottle o' booze (and I
didn't have no more) When I fell down - the cork
flew outta the bottle (Plop!-glug glug
glug....hic) - 'n spilled it

There's a little old rat in his hidin' place, he
got that whiskey scent He slipped right up 'n he
got him a sssshrlp, 'n back to his hole he went

Says back to his hole he went, back to his hole he
went He slipped right up 'n he got him a sssshrlp
(he's drinkin' it all) 'n back to his hole he went

He slipped right up to my puddle o' gin and he
lapped up more and more He says "Doggone, my
red-eyed soul, I'm a-gonna get drunk once

Find more similar lyrics on"I gonna get drunk once more, I'm a-gonna get
drunk once more He says "Doggone, my red-eyed
soul, I'm a-gonna get drunk once more"

He washed his face with his front paws and on his
hind leg he sat And he's a-gettin' pretty high
when he winked one eye and he says "(hic)
Hey, where's that old tom-cat?"

"Now where's that old tom-cat? I said where's
that old tom-cat? He's a-gettin' high when he
winked one eye and he says "(hic) Hey, buddy,
where's that old tom-cat? (I can lick him and his

The old tom-cat come a-slippin' in, dashed over to
the middle o' the floor The cat jumped over and
the rat got sober and he never got drunk no more

He didn' get drunk no more, no he never got drunk
no more The cat jumped over and the rat got sober
(poor little feller) and he never got dunk no more
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Lyrics to Intoxicated rat
by Doc Watson

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