Lyrics to Stack Your Grip
by Doja Clik

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[edit]Song titleStack Your Grip
[edit]Artist nameDoja Clik
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Aint no set ride for me
So I aint trippin' off no set
I'm bout money
D-O-E, cream is my thing
I got my mug-oning when I hit the scene
Let my nuts swing and be king
Suckas on a scheme
Low life buster motherfuckers living nothing but a dream
A fiend, lost to reality
You feel presence of evil when you have a fat salary
So what that means, you gots to loc' up
self love against the world
Middle finger up
Everyday I fight the devil, always in my face
Got the next man's dream tryin' to take my place
Anyone in the world can do a 1-8 sell
I'd rather stack a grip and mob in a Chev
They hated that you made it so they tryin to fade it
Suckas scheme for the cream
You in the game, better play it

Chorus x4
Stack your grip
Don't trip off no punk shit
Be a hustla bitch, maybe your wig won't get split

I'm flippin' shit
We movin' niggas, hoes, and keys
A bitch in my mix don't fall in to succeed
Re-emburse, the money comes first
An eye for an eye snitch bitch rest in dirt
No high sidin', just playa pimps I'm ridin' 2-0-9
Youngsta srtivin', automatic bustin' a kanivin'
Penetrate stayin' far from fake
Find more similar lyrics on't no one fade when it comes to this game
I'm trustin' no slug, just me on my own
Ready to bust from dust 'till dawn
trailin' stanky bitches home
It's serious business, a true can't be slippin'
Gettin' took out the establishment, thicky segregation
Fight or die, give up or try
It's always the next man that wants your life
2 for the money and nuttin' for the hoes
9 ways to get bent, Doja Clik takin' souls

Chorus x4

This is Young Ren ? baller grabbin' his nuts
Down for my scratch and killin' all these punk ass chumps
Jump on that ass for the fact that they playa hate me
About a hundred motherfuckers want to fade me
But I'm too crazy, step to me with bullshit
I'll bust hot ones in that ass, empty the whole clip
Made by a snitch , that's why them suckas fall so quick
And if you ain't down for your scratch
you must be a punk ass bitch
Punk ass bitch all up on my nut sack
Punk ass bitch you need to get the fuck back
You need the fuckers ? I ain' no
bein' a straight up hustla
Unless you want to be a broke ass busta
You fuckin' bitch made punk motherfucker rose
Want to fuck with Ren, you're fuckin' with your funeral

Chorus x4

Make that cash and dash
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Lyrics to Stack Your Grip
by Doja Clik

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