Lyrics to Crazy Mary Goes Round
by Dokken

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[edit]Song titleCrazy Mary Goes Round
[edit]Artist nameDokken
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's a girl next door with a leather coat
And she looks pretty good to me
My friends all say that you better watch out
There's a side of her you haven't seen
Still I took a ride / it was late at night
We were cruising along on her motorbike
Everything was right / til Crazy Mary went down
So let me tell you about Mary
Mary Crazy Mary Goes Round
Let me tell you about Mary
Mary Crazy Mary Goes Round and round
Round and round
Called my doctor and I tried to explain
Cuz it didn't make sense to me
Seven different sides and I've seen them all
One for everyday of the week
Find more similar lyrics on gave me a scare / she was combing her hair
A long conversation there was nobody there
Does anybody know / what Mary's talking about
So let me tell you about Mary
Mary Crazy Mary Goes Round
Let me tell you about Mary
Mary Crazy Mary Goes Round
So let me tell you about Mary
Mary Crazy Mary Goes Round and round
Round and round
Mary Crazy Mary Goes Round
Funny thing about Mary
Mary Crazy Mary Goes Round and round
Round and round
Round and round
Upside down
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Lyrics to Crazy Mary Goes Round
by Dokken

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