Lyrics to Busy Signal
by Dolly Parton

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[edit]Song titleBusy Signal
[edit]Artist nameDolly Parton
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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By: Dolly Parton

Busy signal
That's what I get when I call you
Busy busy
Talking to someone new
I wish I knew

I shouldn't worry 'cause it's
probably his mother
Or then again it could even
be his little brother
On the line
Making me lose my mind

Hang up hang up hang up hang up
Come on hang up hang up hang up
Gotta talk to my baby
Gotta tell him I'm sorry

Busy signal
Find more similar lyrics on can I tell him I'm sorry
When I said I didn't care
I didn't mean a word I said
Talking outta my head

I've got to reach him now and
tell him that I love him
And from now on I'll stay
right by his side and
love him
All the time
So please somebody quit
tying up the line

Hang up hang up hang up hang up
Come on hang up hang up hang up
Gotta talk to my baby
Gotta tell him I'm sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you baby
I really really love you baby
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Lyrics to Busy Signal
by Dolly Parton

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