Lyrics to Hollywood Potters
by Dolly Parton

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[edit]Song titleHollywood Potters
[edit]Artist nameDolly Parton
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mothers hold on to your sons and your daughters
Should Hollywood claim them you'll hold them no more
Cause they'll become clay to the Hollywood potters
And there's no escape once they walk through that door

Hollywood Hollywood dungeon of drama
Center of sorrow city of schemes
Hollywood Hollywood terrace of trauma
Palace of promises dealer in dreams

Some may go hungry some go insane
Some go to the bottle and some to the veins
Some become users and some become used
Find more similar lyrics on some even make it but most never do

Hollywood Hollywood dungeon of drama...

You spin them around like a merry go round
You mold them and shape them and then throw them down
All of your glitter and all of your gold
Is that what you give in exchange for a soul
Cause they sell their souls for the likes of you
While you chew up and spit out what you cannot use

So mothers hold on to...
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Lyrics to Hollywood Potters
by Dolly Parton

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