Lyrics to Wouldn't it Be Great
by Dolly Parton

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[edit]Song titleWouldn't it Be Great
[edit]Artist nameDolly Parton
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wouldn't it be fine if you could say you love me
Just one time with a sober mind?
Wouldn't that be fine, now wouldn't that be fine?

Wouldn't it be great if you could love me first
And let the bottle wait?
Now wouldn't that be great, now wouldn't that be great?

Wouldn't it be great, hey, hey, wouldn't that be great?
Throw the old glass crutch away and watch it break
Wouldn't it be great, hey, hey, wouldn't that be great?
Lord, it's for our sake, wouldn't that be great?

Find more similar lyrics on the name of love, what's the man so great?
Keep thinking of what a man he was
In the name of love, in the name of love

Love went away when the sexy lace wouldn’t turn his face
The bottle took my place, love went to waste
Wouldn't it be great, hey, hey, wouldn't that be great?

Wouldn't it be good? And I know
You could if you just would
Wouldn't that be good? And you know you should
Wouldn't it be great, hey, hey, wouldn't that be great?
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Lyrics to Wouldn't it Be Great
by Dolly Parton

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