Lyrics to Waves of war
by Dominus Praelii

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[edit]Song titleWaves of war
[edit]Artist nameDominus Praelii
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Comming fast, within the night
Raging off the sound of drums
Brighter than hell, shine rays of light
Battalions of power carrying their weapons

Claiming for throne, they want more and more
On danger zone is the Wave of War
Kings of dawn, victory in mind
Stand to join them and glory you will find

Waves of War - Soldiers loosing their lives
Waves of War - Blood on the battle field
Find more similar lyrics on of War - Screams of pain everywhere
Waves of War - Kill your enemy with no mercy

Taking their vengeance over the hills
Armies of Metal want to take your life
They going down, keepers of skulls
Bending the bell, try to survive

Claiming for throne, they want more and more...

Waves of War - Soldiers loosing their lives...
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Lyrics to Waves of war
by Dominus Praelii

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