Lyrics to Changes
by Donovan

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[edit]Song titleChanges
[edit]Artist nameDonovan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Evryone is right -
Everything is wrong
Don't let the CHANGES
get you down man.

Everyone is wrong and
everything is alright now,
Don't let the changes
get you uptight

Butter my toast
And I'll go
Button up a coat
An' I'm gonna go
Off to the coast
We must go
Don't wamma boast
But I'll grow
Much better there.

Don't let the CHANGES get
you down man (4 times)
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An' Vietnam or Biafra - The
obsurdity of greed
How much can one man,
possibly need ?

Sickness and disease and
ignorance on ev'ry side
Don't let the changes get you tight.

Butter my toast
And I'll go
Button up a coat
An' I'm gonna go
Off to the coast
We must go
Don't wamma boast
But I'll grow
Much better there.

Don't let the CHANGES get you
down man (10 times)
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Lyrics to Changes
by Donovan

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