Lyrics to No Stoppin' us now
by Doobie Brothers

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[edit]Song titleNo Stoppin' us now
[edit]Artist nameDoobie Brothers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Patrick Simmons/Michael
McDonald/Christopher Thompson

Every time when I think I'm closer
To what I need most
Here I am standing in line
Will it be worth the waiting

Had enough of hard times
I can't stand no more
Layin' down a new line
Now I know for sure
Every heartbreak made me
that much stronger
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Had enough of hard times
There's no stopping us now
Had enough of hard times
There's no stopping us now
I know I was born to love you
So glad it's you

Got a new rhyme
Here's another rhythm got
me steppin' in time
Sittin' with your head on my shoulder
Right where you belong
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Lyrics to No Stoppin' us now
by Doobie Brothers

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