Lyrics to Notorious
by Doomwatch

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[edit]Song titleNotorious
[edit]Artist nameDoomwatch
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Rebel born, spirit of youth
Defiant, search for truth
Rejecting their established tries
Doors are locked, still he tries
Rebel now is lost in you
Can't see what is true
They cloud your mind with their own thoughts
Sheduled living, reason rots

it's plain to see they've got you going mad
Another way they waste away the
thoughts that you've had
Another way they keep your mind simple and plain
Another way they confiscate your brain

Take the time to think it not
In your mind there is no doubt
Be aware of what they do
Let them know they can't have you

They'll close you in and shut you out
Make you want to scream and shout
You are different from the rest
And with their lies you're not impressed
But soon enough there'll come a day
When we finally have out say
Find more similar lyrics on of spirit, young of heart
Rebels all, we'll be a part

I'm sad to say that day may never come
That's not to say you should give
up and start being dumb
Keep thinking, and although your
life may not be the best
Take pride in knowing that
you're better than the rest

Live for yourself, don't follow it
Keep it tough, don't ever quit
Throw back the hand they've dealt
And our presence will be felt

Think about it and you'll see
We're just trying to be free
They can never right their wrong
And what they've done has made us strong

Living our their stupid roles
We won't give up our noble goals
Our intentions gloriuos,
They brand us all "notorious"
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Lyrics to Notorious
by Doomwatch

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