Lyrics to Pillow Talk
by Doris Day

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[edit]Song titlePillow Talk
[edit]Artist nameDoris Day
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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pillow talk, pillow talk
another night I hear myself talk
talk talk talk
wonder how it would be... to have someone to pillow talk with me
I wonder how I wonder who
pillow talk pillow talk another night I be alone with pillow talk
when it's all said and done two heads together can be better than one
that's what they say they always say
all I do is talk to my pillow talk talk to my pillow talk to my pillow
Find more similar lyrics on about the boy I'm gonna marry
some day some how some where some time
pillow talk pillow talk another night I'm getting my fella pillow talk
my pillow and I both agree there must be a boy
must be a pillow must be a pillow talking boy for me
I hope I'm right I better be right
oh there must be a pillow talking boy for me...
there must be a boy there must be a boy there must be a boy
there must
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Lyrics to Pillow Talk
by Doris Day

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