Lyrics to I Don't Care
by Doro Pesch

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[edit]Song titleI Don't Care
[edit]Artist nameDoro Pesch
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What d' ya want from me creep
sneaking up on me
it is my mind you're after
or is it all of me

Put the gun to my head yea
that's make me quite alright
you think you'll get
what you want
when you see fear in my eyes
you think you know how to use me
to act like a machine
but nothing threatens me so easy
you could shoot me
I won't scream

You think you'll get anybody
to go along this way
well you'll be surprised
you think I'm just like anybody
but you want make me pay
well you waste your time
cos' I

I don't care
what you take from me
I don't care
what you're trying to say
I don't care
but you better not cross the line
cos' I ain't buying
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Baby I don't care

I don't fear intimidation
suppression of the mind
can't bring me in motion

no I won't stand in line
to be cut down and mistreated
to act like a machine
that all the ones
who feel superior
can live out all their dreams

You won't get everybody
to follow what to say
you can try and try
cos' I'm not like everybody
no you won't get your way
you just waste your time
cos' I

I don't care
what you take from me
I don't care
what you're trying to say
I don't care
but you better not cross the line
cos' I ain't buying
this plan you keep in mind
Baby I don't care
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Lyrics to I Don't Care
by Doro Pesch

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