Lyrics to Rollin' in Your Sweet Sunshine
by Dottie West

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[edit]Song titleRollin' in Your Sweet Sunshine
[edit]Artist nameDottie West
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm rollin' rollin' rollin' in the sunshine of your sweet sweet love
So many loves left me in darkness I'd lock my
heart and slept alone at night
But when you smiled a window opened
In poured the sun you were the one who let him to light
And now I'm rollin' in your sweet sweet sunshine
In a dream I never dreamed of dreaming of
Well I'm rollin' in your sweet sweet sunshine
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Your love peeked in like early morning and
softly took the shadows from my mind
Gone were the doubts the dark suspicions
Your gentle ways made better days so easy to find
And now I'm rollin' in...
And now I'm rollin' in...
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Lyrics to Rollin' in Your Sweet Sunshine
by Dottie West

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