Lyrics to Skinhead Sooty
by Doug Anthony All Stars

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[edit]Song titleSkinhead Sooty
[edit]Artist nameDoug Anthony All Stars
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(We bring some news from the Orient.
Apparently, Sooty, that well-loved Blue Peter figure,
has recently become a fascist skinhead.
We bring this news to you that made me quite surprised
that he has changed his politics and his hairstyle,
and quite frankly, I'm not surprised, him being the only bear
in television to constantly be fist-fucking!)


Sooty's all grown up, he's not a puppet anymore
He's interested in getting pissed and
passing out on the floor. (Oi!)
He glassed Basil Brush with a bottle of stout
And threw a dart in Sweep's eyes
before he pulled it out.

Who's that walking on air?
Bouncing down the street without a care?

It's Skinhead Sooty, with the
killer xylophone. (Oi!)
With blood soaked bovver boots
and a racist attitude
A mean fucking mother's son
Not afraid of anyone
Got the others on the run
Here he comes, here he comes
Sooty the skin, Oi!

Queek, queek, queek, queek, queek, Oi!

Sooty's got a tattoo and he's
gone and shaved his head
He's dating Muppets half his age
And getting them into bed
He says his old friends are all miserable pricks
They're married now or dead and gone
Or mentally sick.

Who's that walking on air?
Bouncing down the street without a care?
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Well the hunt caught up with
Basil Brush and he got clubbed to death
(bashing God Blimey, God Blimey, etc)
"bashing" continues
(Hey Paul... it's enough mate)
"bashing" continues
(He's dead, mate!)
"bashing" continues but finally stops
(Mate, you've knocked the stuffing out of him!)
Bill and Ben got Little Weed and
smoked it in the shed...
(Weed! Weed! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeed!)
(Flobadob Little Weed...)
Zebadee OD'd on E and now he's pushing clover
(It's not lawn, OK, I got it from the Wombles!)
Dougal blindly humps the leg of his owner
("I say, what's that tune?" said Dougal)
(Last post, damn, splinter) Ow
Noddy is a bigot
The Clangers flew away
The Thunderbirds are puppets (NO!)
And Andy Pandy's Gay!
(and proud people, and proud,
no strings on end, he stands
up himself these days)


Who's causing havoc on the docks?
In a pair of bright red braces
and cherry red Docs!
It's skin head Sooty with the killer xylophone
Blood soaked Stanley knife
And a racist attitude
He'll wait until you're all alone
Crack your skull, break your bones
Send the pieces to your home
He's the one
All in fun
Sooty the skin-head
Oi, oi, oi, oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi - OI!
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Lyrics to Skinhead Sooty
by Doug Anthony All Stars

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