Lyrics to Wishin' her Well
by Doug Supernaw

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[edit]Song titleWishin' her Well
[edit]Artist nameDoug Supernaw
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Writers: Doug Supernaw/Justin White

A pocket full of wishes
A well down below
This ain't the first time
That I've stood here and thrown
But ol' George ain't been too lucky
And I've lost faith in Honest Abe
Cause all I know is they ain't made good
On one wish that I've made

So now I'm wishin' her well
Hopin' that she's alright
And wishin' that I was one who
was holdin' her tonight
But if she's made up her mind
Then I'm just makin' a fool of myself
But there goes a dime
Cause I'm wishin' her well
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A wish that won't come true
There's at least a thousand faces

Staring up through the blue
I wouldn't give you a nickel
For any chance I've got
So I'll just flip it off my finger
And watch it float down to the rocks

Cause now I'm wishin' her well
Hopin' that she's alright
Wishin' that I was the one who
was holdin' her tonight
But if she's made up her mind
Then I'm just makin' a fool of myself
Yes there goes a dime
Cause I'm wishin' her well
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Lyrics to Wishin' her Well
by Doug Supernaw

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