Lyrics to Hit me Right (Single Version)
by Down Low

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[edit]Song titleHit me Right (Single Version)
[edit]Artist nameDown Low
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Intro: As ya´ll grooving along to this out there
We´re gonna keep pumpin´ it up for the summertime
(Hit me right)) Down Low is back, kicking it for
the nine eight Hit me right, and do it right
outthere (Hit me right) Ya´ll stay safe, see you
on the next year (We´re gonna do it all night!)

Rap1: Down Low is in effect once more, to get you
up and hit the dancefloor gotta have nothing but
pure satisfacion, we´re bouncin´ tonight, that´s
all that I´m accing now this timin´ is right, no
show tonight, I´ll be biting the z, would that be
alright? Let´s meet about eight o´clock, uh, so
you and me can hit the spot Now, you know it´s on
again, a players life is never at an end, tell a
friend they don´t wanna be the love in counter,
and after that, poor some wine, later take a
shower ´cause you wanna be clean if you know what
I mean, before we hit the sheets, before we make a
scene ´cause I´m freeking that body tonight, you
gotta be poppa, before you hit me right!

Chorus: Hit Me Right (Hit Me Right) We´re gonna do
it all night, Hit Me Right (Hit Me Right) We´re
gonna do it all night, Hit Me Right (Hit Me Right)
We´re gonna do it all night, Hit Me Right (Hit Me
Right) We´re gonna do it all night!

Bridge: Let´s ride tonight (We´re gonna do it all
night, hit me right) Let´s ride tonight (We´re
gonna do it all night, hit me right) Let´s ride
tonight (We´re gonna do it all night, hit me
right) Let´s ride tonight (We´re gonna do it all
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Rap2: Part two, what´cha wanna do? You got some
for me, I got some for you, I ain´t talking ´bout
sharing thing of a box tight, I´m playing soft
music only you denay, I have to say "Yo, I ain´t
playing" Test, the message, you know what I´m
saying? Cut the handees and the beepers of, now
it´s time for you and me to get lost, I wanna
leave the lights on, so I can see it all, The
closer that I get (Joey ho) the more she calls,
for the maindest top of the list and it´s comin
from the long hear, braited with a twist, and
understand that this is just a plan, Down Low is
back and one thing that me demend is that the
brothers and sisters out there tonight, make sure
your lover hit you all right!

Chorus x 1

Yo, Mike, Take them to the bridge!

If you wanna do it, there´s nothing to it, girl
just hit me right, so right we can bump it right
to it all night, girl, just hit me right!

Chorus x 1

Bridge x 1

Girl, you know it´s all about you, you gotta
always hit me right, do me right? you hit me
right, me and you, together keep it on to the
summertime (Hit Me Right) ,Down Low, and we´re
out, It Ain´t Over, Peace!
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Lyrics to Hit me Right (Single Version)
by Down Low

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