Lyrics to Heart of the City
by Dr. Feelgood

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[edit]Song titleHeart of the City
[edit]Artist nameDr. Feelgood
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Nick Lowe)

We're in the heart of the city
Where the alligator roams
I'm a little lost lamb
Ain't got no place to go
I ain't got one penny
Just got a shirt on my back
I left home in a hurry
I ain't never goin' back
I'm lookin' for a lover in
the heart of the city

Well I'm a standin' on the street
And I'm a steppin' off the end
Yeah I'm lookin' for a lover
Lookin' lookin' everywhere
Maybe I'm in with a chance
I hear a clickety clack
There's a girl my Lord
I see her stop, check,
turn and double back
I'm lookin' for a lover in
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I'm lookin' I'm lookin' I'm
lookin' I'm lookin'
I'm lookin' lookin' lookin'
lookin' everywhere
In the heart of the city

We're in the heart of the city
We're in the heart of the stars
I hear the crash of music
And a thousand guitars
And the boys are on the prowl
And they're checkin' on me
They know a bird up in the hand
Is worth two out on the streets
Checkin' on neat in the heart of the city

Heart heart of the city
Heart heart oh yeah
Heart heart of the city
Heart heart oh yeah
(repeat to fade)
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Lyrics to Heart of the City
by Dr. Feelgood

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