Lyrics to Video Girl
by Drake

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[edit]Song titleVideo Girl
[edit]Artist nameDrake
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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drake: talking
uh, yea, get in my slick rick mode
n'a mean? I'm a tell ya a story real quick

verse 1: drake
she got a saying there's no alice without the tin man
crib was 2 mil, plus I just bought a couch for ten grand
even if the house was ten grand
and there was no pool
would I still be witout my swim fan?
the ceiling could be higher
she making requests
don't know if she feeling me or she be feelin what I buy her
and purses are light now
she use em all the time
so she smilin to the the point that it hurt when she bite down
and she simply a new model
stay spendin dollars
but she got less sense than a empty perfume bottle
at times she a solid chick
and I'm a sucka for the cuties
so she always lookin good when my wallets thick
chillin on the linen, she all up in the closet so much
got a hunch that's she's feelin other women
want the diamonds on the face in the center
nice guys finish last so I'm winnin every race that I enter and she a

video girl
eh yo you have to listen
I'm in a bad position
I fell in love with a
video girl
I wouldn't call her name
I got the feelin that they all the same

And she a
video girl
to the fullest extent
so I wrote you a song
cuz I can't stay with a
video girl
and you betrayed your wealth
got a feelin you shoulda stayed yourself

verse 2: drake
you're all the same
look at vida guerrera
there's no need to compare her
I bet she smiles cuz she loves what she sees in the mirror
I bet she's out meetin directors instead
and frustratrated cuz she's already been addressed in they head
be a teacher, open up shop if you can do nails fine
apply for a business loan and I'll bet you that they'll sign
if you a real dime
poppin as if its your only option
girl there's things to do
Find more similar lyrics on than jail time
look this ain't a song dissing half of these rappers
or pasha and sasha, esther baxter
melyssa ford, or katy or anyone after
I just give my opinion for laughter
or maybe to think on
so next time you out at the club
and a brother offers the whole table something to drink on
you just take in effect he got a stack with a mink on
now he got you doing everything that you think wrong
look, you tell your parents that its cash at an easy pace
ya dad screaming take ya ass outta jeezy face
and as ya man I won't back down first
but they got you doing soft-core background work
that messed up like an officer that pulls you over
and he ask questions later and pat down first
but you ain't thandie newton, and this ain't crash here
the resolutions passed baby, this ain't last year
look, I got a message, I'll say it
I got some beats still
regina hall and garcelle and alice neal
young girls these here women with big dreams
role models that you can watch on the big screen
if you refuse to change and you that chick still
respect yourself, don't be convinced that these tricks will
you got an audience believe it or not
my cousin who can't speak know the lyrics to tip drill

video girl
eh yo you have to listen
I'm in a bad position
I fell in love with a
video girl
I wouldn't call her name
I got the feelin that they all the same
and she a
video girl
to the fullest extent
so I wrote you a song
cuz I can't stay with a
video girl
and you betrayed your wealth
got a feelin you shoulda stayed yourself

drake: speaking
and I ain't trying ta generalize every video girl, you n'a mean?
say that ya all one way man its just that sometimes man you gotta
accept the fact that there's times that you gotta better yourself
you know as a person man. I love to see my black women strong, single,
independent. doing they thing without popping they booty in some rappers
video you n'a mean? its a wonderful thing baby. so uh, don't hate me for
this one ladies. just take my advice you n'a mean? cuz its like uh,
if she beautiful and honey dances
and you always downtown making money transfers
and anything the color of braces she get excited
she always showing up at these places she get invited
she a video girl
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Lyrics to Video Girl
by Drake

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