Lyrics to The Stress Factor
by Dre Dog

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[edit]Song titleThe Stress Factor
[edit]Artist nameDre Dog
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't push me cause I'm
close to the edge
I'm trying not to lose my head

Sometimes I sit alone
And look deep into my soul
And I'm staring down at something
That's very out of control
Tolerence at zero
Emotions dead and gone
If indo was a pebble
Man consider me stone
Patience low I'm rest to go
I gots to get ahead
Motherfuck these ho's
And them popo's I got to get my bread
The streets ain't nothing nice
They crooked like the itus
And everybody's dipping seeing
who can get the highest
But check this out
Man without a doubt
And about who's coming fresher
It's about that cab
Man protect that ass
Don't panic under pressure
My stabbing like a whip
Or better an alligator
Temper going up and down like a
like a fucking elevator
Bitch I want it now
Don't give me no delays
My hustle got me trippin
Listen from Ike Turner ways
Man this life is real
No time to be an actor
And I'll play that no man let me know
It's the stress factor

I want to grow old
Have some kids and a place to sleep
A down ass wife
And when I die I'll rest in peace
But man that's all a dream
This doja got me bleak
It got me feeling good
But I forgot what I did last week
Man look at my face
This shit ain't fake
The pain that turn to pressure
Every nigga that know man feel me
Don't cop down to a lesser
My mother woke me up one day said
"Boy you getting grown
Your momma has 3 jobs
Your momma's getting old"
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When on my mission spree
Mind full of hatred
Got me fucked
cause time is hard you see
That monkeys on my back
And I can't get him off
So whatever I do
Mom it's just for you
No matter what the cost
I put that on my life
Everything I see is dark
Money is rare
But I don't care
Man stop that niggas heart
He's coming like a big wheel
I'm coming like tractor
Man taste this hate
It's too late
It's called the stress factor

Some think that I'm the man
Some think my shit don't stink
But yes it do
I thought you knew
I'm not a coward nor a fink
One side of my heart got love
The other side is hate
And boy that hate is staring love
Right in it's fuckin face
Women ask me how i'm livin
I tell them day by day
With a doja joint
that lovely voice
Of Mr. Marvin Gaye
Man I gots to get away
That might just do some good
But everytime I leave
I miss the fucking hood
My homie lost his job
He don't know how to react
So I do our thangs to help him out
Like took a little crack
But that shit's overrated
And it gets complicated
But you would never know
From that cat flow
How the pictures painted
Motherfuckers whisper
And think I don't hear th'em
And wonder why I'm high
And never go near 'em
But much love to all my niggas
From workin to mid jackers
Cause no matter what you feel
This cut is called the stress factor
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Lyrics to The Stress Factor
by Dre Dog

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