Lyrics to Bells of Nemesis
by Dream Child

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[edit]Song titleBells of Nemesis
[edit]Artist nameDream Child
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What have you done to your land ?
What have you done to your people ?
And can't you give an helping hand ?
Can't you hear all those cries ?
Don't you have something to share ?
See them suffering don't you care ?
But now these days are gone,
The time has come to leave your crown.
We choose to keep our pride
And there is no place you can hide...

You are the man with no mercy,
Your power reach infinity
But now you meet your destiny
We close the door you've lost the key
We close the chapter and you bleed
You thought that you possessed our heart
That we could never live your path
The hate for you became an art
We hide it from the very start
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You can hear the bells are ringing,
You can hear their call.
Their sound means, they are the signal,
Soon you will fall
Reminding just what has been done...

All those lives you have taken
You can be sure they're not forgotten,
How can you ask to be forgiven ?
No more tims for the lies !
We just want to live our life,
Soon you'll be the one who cry !!!

Your end has just begun
Never again you'll see the sun
We'll send black clouds away
Our wind won't bring you back again.
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Lyrics to Bells of Nemesis
by Dream Child

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