Lyrics to Far From Heaven
by Dream Theater

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[edit]Song titleFar From Heaven
[edit]Artist nameDream Theater
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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No one truly has the answers
Every day
I struggle through it once more
Keep things bottled up
Never speaking my mind
I'm doing just fine

Every day I
Put a brave face on
Serves me well
Feeling helpless
Facing it alone
Hard to tell
That I
Can't change who I am
How I feel
There's no end

I have done
What you asked of me
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Coming undone
Way too high a price
I should pay
You keep your pride
While I die inside
Every day
No I
Can't lie anymore
Won't pretend
I've done
All I can

You can't imagine
The hell I'm going through
Not asking you save me
I'm too far from heaven

Nothing you can do to change me
But accept me as I am
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Lyrics to Far From Heaven
by Dream Theater

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