Lyrics to Innocent Blood
by Dreamaker

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[edit]Song titleInnocent Blood
[edit]Artist nameDreamaker
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Albert Maroto, Jorge
Saez, Elisa C. Martin, Lyrics:
Elisa C. Martin

Come with me across the forest
I wish to see the terror in your eyes
You can beg and you can shout
But you know that nobody will help you
I'm breathing blood again
Will I wake up from this nightmare?
Please help me!
The pain is killing me
I won't survive
Look at me, you know my name
You had never imagined it
A human chill, a sweet deceit
I will drag you up to the limit
I feel your fist's strike
Find more similar lyrics on the steel's tearing all my flesh
No mercy!
I only beg for death, I won't survive
Now wring the blood from your hands
No! you don't regret you love your life
You'll find another child
You're in my mind
Your smooth body must be mine
Breathing your breath
You'll be my slave all this night
"My lovely child I'm at your feet
Take a look at me and tell me what you see
I'm just a friend but I wan't be more
My world's upside down and
I've got nothing else to lose
So I need to return to do it
To feel your fear, to smell your flesh
To drink your blood... blood"
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Lyrics to Innocent Blood
by Dreamaker

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