Lyrics to Eighteen People Living in Harmony
by Dredg

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[edit]Song titleEighteen People Living in Harmony
[edit]Artist nameDredg
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The opera is over
The singers have all gone home
Seats are all empty
The kitchen is closed
The sidewalks are sprayed down
The blinds are pulled down
Foundations unstable
The wrecking ball is back
Requiring this band's vacancy
Requiring this band's vacancy

Rents are rising
Our lease is up
Culture is down

The symphony's concluded
The instruments are all cased up
Notes are silent
But music's still apparent

Rents are rising
Our lease is up
Find more similar lyrics on is down
Spirits are jaded

Art is dying
Is art dead
Art is dying
Is it dead
Believing we need it to move on

A one track mind in a one way time
Let's go ahead and gentrify
Let art die with noble minds
Steal a brush and paint boundary lines
For the stale kind of people we'll find
Walking in single file line
I think it's time to finally rewind
Let's go ahead we might as well

Rents are rising
Our lease is up
Culture is down
Spirits are jaded
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Lyrics to Eighteen People Living in Harmony
by Dredg

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