Lyrics to I Don't Need Society
by D.R.I

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[edit]Song titleI Don't Need Society
[edit]Artist nameD.R.I
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Your number's up, you have to go
The system says, "I told you so"
Stocked in a plane like a truckload of cattle
Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle
Thousands of us sent off to die
Never really knowing why
Fuck to system, they can't have me
I don't need society (2x)
Before you know it, you're in the corp
Grab your gear, boy, you're off to war
Stocked in a plane like a truckload of cattle
Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle
Thousand of us sent off to die
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Fuck the system, they can't have me
I don't need society (2x)
You were an apple pie clone living at home
Never straying too far from your phone
Now, son, make it through enemy lines
You must hurry, there's not much time
Made it, sir, they're gonna drop the bomb
No time to evacuate, they'll write our moms
Fuck to system, they can't have me
I don't need society
I don't need society
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Lyrics to I Don't Need Society
by D.R.I

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