Lyrics to Shut up
by D.R.I

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[edit]Song titleShut up
[edit]Artist nameD.R.I
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We won't mention names
But why don't you
ever shut up?
You're constantly talking
And I just can't keep up

Conversation's a joke
Is you head made of oak?
Endlessly blabbing
But sometimes it
feels like you're

Shut Up (X2)

Shut the fuck up
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Bragging and lying
So you won't have to stop
I've got to get out
My head's about to pop

You know who you are
C'mon give me a break
You go on and on
Until I feel faint

Shut Up (X2)

What are you deaf?
Shut Up
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Lyrics to Shut up
by D.R.I

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