Lyrics to ...Andisconnecdead
by Driller Killer

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[edit]Song title...Andisconnecdead
[edit]Artist nameDriller Killer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Smoke gets to my head as my whites turn red Fog,
I´m not the only, timefucked and lonely

Thirst, no friend of mine, I´m E.T going wild
Mushed, my piece of mind´s nowhere to find Slow,
another show in the temple of thoughts Sleep, not
mine to keep but fuck knows I fought
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Cool, creative and damn collected? Cold... Cold,
cheap and disconnected

From hashish to ashes... in dust we crust... The
return of the pleasant fog... I´m L.I.T.D
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Lyrics to ...Andisconnecdead
by Driller Killer

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