Lyrics to ...the Phanatix
by Driller Killer

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[edit]Song title...the Phanatix
[edit]Artist nameDriller Killer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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How do you know what´s right or wrong?
When bullshit rules and the truth is gone
You got your side, stay out of mine, right!
I eat you for lunch and shit you out at night

Fuck the phanatix - Don´t point your finger at me
Fuck the phanatix - This is my theory

Go with the fashion flow, join the crowd
Find more similar lyrics on your banners high, scream it loud
Take your fucking beliefs and suck ém dry
Dry like a desert, then fucking die

Fuck the phanatix - Don´t point your finger at me
Fuck the phanatix - I´ll give you anarchy

I´m gonna place my head in your stupid hat
I´ll stop using my brain, I´ll be a copycat...
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Lyrics to ...the Phanatix
by Driller Killer

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