Lyrics to Isn't it Something
by Drist

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[edit]Song titleIsn't it Something
[edit]Artist nameDrist
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Isn't it something else you feel,
Lost but you never hoped to find
You've given me someone else to be,
Fully uncapable, you're right

Even if all was meant to be,
I'm never becoming what you want
Isn't it something else you need
Lost and I never hope you find

Finally, under control
Killing you and me
If we believe that there's nothing
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Isn't she someone beautiful
Appearance is often left to find
I've given it all to you, my dear
Carry it always but tonight

Maybe, just maybe, I'll find you
Or maybe there's something
behind you, the real you
Maybe the lights there to
blind you, to hide you
Or maybe, there's nothing to find
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Lyrics to Isn't it Something
by Drist

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