Lyrics to Alcoholic Death
by Drunkard

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[edit]Song titleAlcoholic Death
[edit]Artist nameDrunkard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: John - Lyrics: Savvas

Megaton attack from hell destruction leads its way
through the gates of heaven we drive instead of pray
inside our thrash bulldozer too drunk to watch the signs
Killing ride screaming death posers you're in sight...
"Let's ride"
666(km) in maximum speed we ride
Just try to stop our war machine, let's bet who will survive
blood and ashes on our wheels, speeding time to pray
the strongest metal, racing death
screaming, kill to reign...
Blinding speed - Satan screams
Spawned in hell - demons ride...
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Chorus: Reach speed of light hellish
ride.... Alcoholic death!
Engine roam lose your soul... Alcoholic death!
Lust and pride you will die... Alcoholic death!
Taste our wrath eat our dust...Alcoholic death!

Repeat Chorus

Proud of being what we are 3 crowbars in your face
Unholy power overthrown we're demons spitting flames
In this fucking war machine we bring all heavens down
We drink and drive until we crush until we hit the ground
Hit the ground...
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Lyrics to Alcoholic Death
by Drunkard

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