Lyrics to Keep me in the Dark
by Duran Duran

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[edit]Song titleKeep me in the Dark
[edit]Artist nameDuran Duran
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When the evening sunlight's fingers stretch across the floor
Cover up your eyes with feathers softly close the door
Take me in your heavy lips, take me where the shadows slide

I'm with your blindfull secrets, turning fast and loose
The lacey intrigue of this weekend should not be abused
You can take me where you want but could you take me all the time

Away yeah, oh wait a little longer don't go too far
I wouldn't lie, I wouldn't like you keeping me in the dark

Tender is the truce I'm tasting, watching you dictates
Heady nights of sleepless wasting a face I can't escape
We could wave the world goodbye to all of the boys cheerio

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Help me now I'm slipping deeper, tell me what to say
When without words you call me closer each time you turn away
Something inside you cries but is it something I'll never find


Away yeah, oh wait a little longer before we go too far
I wouldn't lie, I wouldn't like to think you were
keeping me in the dark
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Lyrics to Keep me in the Dark
by Duran Duran

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