Lyrics to Blackened Dove
by Dust to Dust

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[edit]Song titleBlackened Dove
[edit]Artist nameDust to Dust
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Like sorrow sweet sorrow
Sure to find my heart tomorrow
She waits for love to borrow
and anyone will do
All faceless all nameless
Lost inside and all so shameless
So innocent and blameless
I haven't got a clue

She's my blackened dove
Never ever had much belief in love
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Onto me right through me
Plays her part like a b rate movie
She sinks her claws into me
I don't seem to care

Endeavor forever
Loss of love no ties to sever
I guess I'm not too clever
Lost inside her stare
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Lyrics to Blackened Dove
by Dust to Dust

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