Lyrics to How can I be Sure
by Dusty Springfield

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[edit]Song titleHow can I be Sure
[edit]Artist nameDusty Springfield
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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How can I be sure in a world
That's constantly changing
How can I be sure where I
Stand with you

Whenever I
Whenever I am away from you
I wanna die
'Cause you know I wanna stay with you

How do I know, maybe you're trying to use me
Flying too high can confuse me
Touch me, but don't take me down

Whenever I
Whenever I am away from you
My alibi
Is telling people, I don't care for you
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Maybe I'm just hanging around with my head up
Upside down, it's a pity for you
I can't seem to find somebody who's
As wonderful, baby as you

How can I be sure , I really, really
Really, wanna know
Really, really wanna know, yeah

Also, whether, whether or not we're together
Together will seem that much better
I love you, I love you forever
You know where I can be found

How can I be sure in a world
That's constantly changing
How can I be sure, I'll be sure with you?
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Lyrics to How can I be Sure
by Dusty Springfield

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