Lyrics to I'm Gonna Leave you
by Dusty Springfield

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[edit]Song titleI'm Gonna Leave you
[edit]Artist nameDusty Springfield
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've been trying hard to see
Just what you want of me
But it's no good, boy
I'm setting you free

'Cause I need you so much more
With each day that passes by
You don't seem to care
It's making me cry

So I'm packing up my bags
Gonna make my getaway
Get myself together
I can't go on this way

Oh, baby, baby
I'm gonna leave you
(I'm gonna leave you)
I'm gonna leave you, baby

This lonely feeling deep in my mind
'Cause I can't turn back if I leave you behind
But I gotta do it now, yes, I gotta turn away
Hold me one more time, don't ask me to stay

It's so hard to say goodbye
'Cause it's you I'm thinking of
It would never work out
I know you're not in love with me

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I'm gonna leave you
(I'm gonna leave you)
Said, "I'm gonna leave you, baby"

It's over and I'm walking out on you
You'll never get the chance to feel untrue

Though I love you
(Though I love you)
And I need you
(And I need you)
And I want you
(And I want you)
And I'm still walking out on you

Darling, though it hurts me so inside
I can't take no more, gonna lose my mind
So I'm packing up my bags, gonna make my getaway
Get myself together, I can't go on this way

Oh, baby, baby
I'm gonna leave you
(I'm gonna leave you)
Said, "I'm gonna leave you, baby"

Yes, I'm gonna leave you, baby
Oh, I'm gonna leave you, baby
Leave you, baby
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Lyrics to I'm Gonna Leave you
by Dusty Springfield

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