Lyrics to Smack City
by Dwarves

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[edit]Song titleSmack City
[edit]Artist nameDwarves
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Shooting up in the boys room at Dog High School,
Dorkville, USA.

Another west, and Louie Louie, they got something
going down kinda screwey. Down to the Comet, come
on and vomit, yeah if there's something to be on
Find more similar lyrics on I know that you'll be on it. Smack City, the
skies are ugly and the girls are grey. Smack City,
USA. Well if you come, come as you are, and you
can drop down dead inside the bar. Yeah, you can
touch, because I'm sick, and tell me that your
whites are safe for sucking dick, DICK! Well I'm
going down to Smack City, gonna have some fun!
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Lyrics to Smack City
by Dwarves

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