Lyrics to Flapjacks
by Dwele

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[edit]Song titleFlapjacks
[edit]Artist nameDwele
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What is a flapjack?

Buh duh da dah duh dah duh, buh duh da
dah duh dah duh, buh da dah duh duh
duh, dah dah da da
I´m digging them flapjacks x2

Verse 1:
If I got a girlfriend, you got a boy
friend, we´ve got a love thing
everything is right
Funny how some things work out soon as you acknowledge it
What we got is smooth all we gotta do is polish it
I gotta love you, you gotta love me
We gotta be fuckin be what we wanted to
Believe that I got plans to hold you down
I can see a future in, this being A-shot team

I gotta want you, you gotta want me, we
gotta want the best of love
I already want you, you already want me,
we gotta love thing, we gotta love thing
I gotta need you, you gotta need me, we
gotta want the best of love
I already need you, you already need me,
we gotta love thing, we gotta love thing

Verse 2:
Is this a rap song, or is it vocals,
am I hip hop or neo-soul
Find more similar lyrics on it don´t matter just as long as you loving it
it´s gon be the same thing that it
was when you discovered it
Music in a lot of ways mimics relationships,
It gets tainted when you bring rules into it
Believe I´m trying to free your mind,
Respect my light, I´ll respect yours, and...


HO!, I- I´ve gotta love thing
We -e need to elate
I said we need to elate (skat) Love thing! Hey!
Said we need to elate
Ho oh oh oh oh for real, elate

Verse 3:
I watched your friend get out of that car
I promised that I'd get that
And All I could think when I saw you at the bar
Was caking up with them flapjacks
But now that I know your past, beauty, and face
you´ve changed where my thought process is at
But I would be wrong if I didn´t state...
Damn you got some good flapjacks!

Buh duh da dah duh dah duh, buh duh da
dah duh dah duh, buh da dah duh duh
duh, dah dah da da
I´m digging them flapjacks x3
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Lyrics to Flapjacks
by Dwele

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