Lyrics to Guaranteed
by E-Town Concrete

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[edit]Song titleGuaranteed
[edit]Artist nameE-Town Concrete
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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growing up as a young buck, there wasn't too much
that i could touch. and i was in a rush to get a
taste of the good life. and people told me i was a
waste of a good life. and i would not escape
living the hood life. but yo, life is hell and
that that's grown to be expected. the only way to
cope with the pain is to accept it. times is
hectic, we grow up quick. endure the hardships and
watch our skin grow thick. in turn. you gotta
learn my heads as hard as a brick, so can't nobody
ever tell me shit. and that's the truth. as youth
i hated all of you with a passion. those who never
stood in my shoes would be laughing and cracking
jokes while their two folks raked in the dough.
x-mas 86' niggas had nintendo. word is bond, i
ain't have shit...i had pretendo, and at show and
tell i ain't have shit to show.
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this goes out to those who thought shit was sweet.
E.T.C. concrete. and yo, niggas wanna be
down w/ me. word is bond we taking over son,

all ya'll niggas fake. ya'll niggas act too phony.
2 years ago you didn't even want to know me. but
now look at you, you copy my style. you're lucky
enough i let you still be around to play your weak
shows in you weak ass town. we straight up
beefing, when you see me i see you peeking. you
just mad cause' my team rose while you were
sleeping. center stage, took your limelight mad
now you heated.

we're taking all your fans i guarantee it.
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Lyrics to Guaranteed
by E-Town Concrete

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