Lyrics to Sunday Drive
by Early November

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[edit]Song titleSunday Drive
[edit]Artist nameEarly November
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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and we wait
above a road
were turning to go home
and the silence from the side of the car
tells me everything and how we are
and theres no more trying
to make this alright
theres no more trying tonight

and you know its not so easy
when ur all alone
and i wonder if im alone
in your head

to do something is wrong
i just dont know what to do
you say its only me
and that im so perfect for you
i dont want to try no more
i dont want to make this right
i just you to be true to me one time

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and you know its not so easy
when ur all alone
and i wonder if im alone
in your head

twelve weeks have gone by
since ive saw you last
ill give it one more try
ill give it all my best and now
what can u be doing thats so much fun
without me by your side,
without me by your side and
i take a step back and ill
let u ahead
and ill take a step away and
see if you come back because
its no more trying to make
this alright no more trying
no more trying tonight

we will never be the same x4
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Lyrics to Sunday Drive
by Early November

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