Lyrics to Kalimba Story
by Earth Wind and Fire

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[edit]Song titleKalimba Story
[edit]Artist nameEarth Wind and Fire
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Maurice White & Verdine White

Saw it in a store, one day.
Thought it might, make me play
Future music all for you-

Seen me thru my hardest times-
thought it was 'bout time, to open
a new world just for you-

Fills all my needs, gave me the key
Door was open, for me to see
Playin around the world, touchin'
All the boys and girls with a new
love to make them free

Kalimba, ooh kalimba, play me a tune
Kalimba, ooh kalimba, I'm glad I found you
Find more similar lyrics on, ooh kalimba, play me a tune
Kalimba, ooh kalimba sends a message to you

If you lend an ear, and you have no fear
The vibration will move your mind
It's new to you, sounds true to you
Sacred music before it's time

Play it for ya now, wanna see
just how, my kalimba get next to you
Are you ready now, well get ready
Come along, groove with the new-

Kalimba, ooh kalimba, play me a tune
Kalimba, ooh kalimba, I'm glad I found you
Kalimba, ooh kalimba, play me a tune
Kalimba, ooh kalimba sends a message to you
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Lyrics to Kalimba Story
by Earth Wind and Fire

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