Lyrics to Lowdown
by Echo & the Bunnymen

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[edit]Song titleLowdown
[edit]Artist nameEcho & the Bunnymen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's the twists and turns
Of the cigarette burns
The holes in the mind
Of the nebulous mass

Forget no returns
And you don't learn
The debt between mine
And the hole in your past

I'm the dust
Of someone's ash
See you in Hell
With the rest of the trash

I need love
A love with question
A clean mind
And a pocket of space

I want a map
And a sense of direction
Looking for love
And the thrill of the world

Just spinning round
Trying to find unverified
You wanna be out there
When you're underground

Now, now, now
Now, now, now
Do you feel it lowdown

Too many thoughts
Might have twisted my thinking
I just can't think straight anymore
I've got the bends

I can feel myself sinking
Just can't keep on
Keep on coming back for more

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There's no need to worry
I've got nails
So hold on, hold on

Think back before you started thinking
About the things you were
Sold on, sold on

Keep spinning round
Trying to hold on
But you're failing now
You wanna be up there

But you're underground
Now, now, now
Now, now, now

Do you feel it lowdown
Lowdown, lowdown, lowdown

And the world
Keeps spinning around
Trying to burn
But you're melting down

You wanna be out there
But you're underground
Now, now, now
Now, now, now

Do you feel it lowdown
Spinning round
Spinning round
Spinning round

Now, now, now
Now, now, now

Do you feel it lowdown
Lowdown, lowdown, lowdown
Lowdown, lowdown, lowdown
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Lyrics to Lowdown
by Echo & the Bunnymen

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