Lyrics to Lonesome is me
by Ed Bruce

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[edit]Song titleLonesome is me
[edit]Artist nameEd Bruce
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Did you ever say I'm lonesome and stop to wonder
really what lonesome is Lonesome is a little boy
standing in a crowd a telephone ringing in an
empty house Lonesome is an autumn leave that first
falls from its tree lonesome is me

Lonesome is a footstep with out of place to go Or
summer is last robin in winter's first snow
Find more similar lyrics on is a little dog lost out in the street
lonesome is me Lonesome is an empty bottle a half
filled glass of wine The sound that a clock makes
when all you have is time Lonesome is a heart that
breaks when love has turned to hate The dying sun
at the close of day Lonesome is a jail of tears
that won't set me free lonesome is me Lonesome is
me lonesome is me
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Lyrics to Lonesome is me
by Ed Bruce

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