Lyrics to When the Wind Blows in Chicago
by Eddy Arnold

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[edit]Song titleWhen the Wind Blows in Chicago
[edit]Artist nameEddy Arnold
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well here here I am in Chicago all alone near the
place where we met As I walk through the rain the
wind whispers your name Oh why won't they let me
forget Cause when the wind blows I get lonely and
one day for sure you will find That the wind
always blows in Chicago so I'm lonely most all of
the time
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Well folks they look so happy here on State Street
They don't know that our love's not the same I'm
alone in the crowd with my hopes in the clouds
Cause the wind just whispers your name Yes the
wind always blows in Chicago I'm so lonely most
all of the time
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Lyrics to When the Wind Blows in Chicago
by Eddy Arnold

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