Lyrics to The Undiscovered Land
by Edenbridge

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[edit]Song titleThe Undiscovered Land
[edit]Artist nameEdenbridge
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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by a long way we came there
and we kept our eyes peeled
we believed in our blueprint
drawn by the slipstream
of time without end

not once we saw the falcon rising
not once we saw horizons clear
and again we hear the ocean rushing
with all the questions at
hand without end

heavenward we keep on flying
in the lap of the gods where we are
the legend, the key
the solar sea
binds you forever
once in a blue moon this moment
on these boundless traces we move
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won`t lead us astray
and we still demand
the undiscovered land

we felt the narrow bounds within us
the lurking unknown in the dark
still we`re searching for
the purple passage
pink of perfection in
hearts still so pure


here and now
by our sacred vow
we will prevail

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Lyrics to The Undiscovered Land
by Edenbridge

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