Lyrics to Uncontroll me
by Edge of Sanity

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[edit]Song titleUncontroll me
[edit]Artist nameEdge of Sanity
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I feel that chains are holding me down
"The normal norm"
is keeping me bound
I need to face and vent my extremes
I need my hate and violent dreams

Yeah! I need to face and vent my extremes
Hey! Yeah! I need my hate
and violent dreams

Seems like a lifetime since
I let myself loose
I need that rush like a
drunk needs his booze
I need an overdose yeah of adrenaline
Free me from grace and let me live in sin

Only my own terms, in my
own world I need to fuel
the fire
This killing spree, inside of me
is what keeps me high

Uncontroll me
I need to face and vent my extremes
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I need my hate and violent dreams
Uncontroll me
I need to face and vent my extremes
Uncontroll me
Insanity controls me supreme

A voice inside, tries to break free
A fucking choir screams in me
This useless carcass is my own cage
I cannot handle the rage
What I'll become will not be humane
As my own body keeps me restrained
I'll bet my life I'll be an ugly sight
No fucking looks but high on might


Uncontrolled, unsynchronized, unorganised
My own asylum, my head is
filled with cries
Every ounce of sanity is pulverized
Like a blind man I wonder, my
release will be when I die

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Lyrics to Uncontroll me
by Edge of Sanity

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