Lyrics to Walk of Fighting
by Edguy

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[edit]Song titleWalk of Fighting
[edit]Artist nameEdguy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The ivory is cold, where is my desire
In a cage of gold, not a trace of fire
Ice cold as ice. I'm heading for tomorrow
I am tired of waiting. I'll beg
and steal and borrow

Life is too short to be wasted
So why do I sit around
Dance on the edge of a razor
Get off the ground and I'll never return

Walk on fighting
Don't look ever back
Walk on fighting
Don't you look back to your cries
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The phone it waits in silence,
no message left by you
There is no use in crying. I
know I've been a fool
Now it's too late, no words left to say
I gotta call it late, Forget and look away

Life is too short to be wasted
So why do I sit around
Dance on the edge of a razor
Get off the ground and I'll never return

Walk on fighting...
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Lyrics to Walk of Fighting
by Edguy

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