Lyrics to Family
by Ed Sheeran

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[edit]Song titleFamily
[edit]Artist nameEd Sheeran
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hmm let me go,
To see my family.
Please Father let me go,
As my mother sleeps.

I don't know about days gone,
But round here nobody lives twice.
When your gone, your gone, without no bye,
Because only a judge can give you life.
This is my advice,
Trust me, I nearly lost my life.
3 weeks after I got this rhyme,
It seems like I had too much wine.
Which that I I didn't get one,
Anyway, I was going to the ? booked for a set,
Even though I didn't have a set one.
Skream hit the decks, I was like check one.
Put on a show, but it weren't my best one.
Left it, dropped off Blacks at his destination,
Then I was off to the next one,
20 minutes later I was on the M1,
But I kept on going,
Fell asleep without even knowing.
No motion in my face,
No movement in my legs, but the car still kept going.
Woke up,
I was in so much pain,
Crawled out of a Megan that now looked like a Mini,
When I was still on the first lane.
Baffled, didn't even know my name.
Fainted, too much shock in my brain.
Surrounded by paramedics and feds,
Trying to get up but fainted again.

Find more similar lyrics on just want you to take a second, hear me out.
Don't think I'm happy cuz I smile when you see me out.
I've had serious madnesses where I've nearly disappeared,
Oh I'm begging Lord to save me and let me go,
To see my family,
And keep it inside,
Dry eyes, while my brother weeps.
Save my soul,
Please Father let me go.
Keep me safe, as my mother sleeps.

Eyes closed, they just wouldn't open,
I can hear voices and my phone ringing.
Fighting for life, can't tell if I'm winning,
One of the worst situations I've been in.
I can hear all of the angels singing.

But when it stopped humming,
My brain turned on, stared running.
Still in pain, but it started numbing,
the stone cold comeback I made was stunning.
I still tried to do a few shows cuz I didn't wanna tell them that I weren't coming.
But I was left with a permanent problem,
Nobody knows about the pain that I'm in (inside).
Ever so cunning,
6 weeks later, jogging and running.
I used the first air kit like a drum set,
Picked up the tools and I gave it a drumming.
Trust me, when it comes to mistakes,
You can't afford to let one in.
Never done dream for a while,
The black plan was blocked,
So I learnt and done a bit of plumbing.
They say tomorrow never dies,
But he forgot to tell you 'you can'.
You can have a sicker clan than Wu-Tang,
But when your time's up, that's it, it's you fam.
You can try beg for another,
Sometimes I'll be on my way to a show,
Thinking 'I just wanna see my brother',
Then do a U-turn, I'm gone, Runner.

I just want you to take a second, hear me out.
Don't think I'm happy cuz I smile when you see me out.
I've had serious madnesses where I've nearly disappeared.
Oh I'm begging Lord to save me and let me go,
To see my family.
And keep it inside,
Dry eyes, while my brother weeps.
Save my soul.
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Lyrics to Family
by Ed Sheeran

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