Lyrics to Dead of Winter
by Eels

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[edit]Song titleDead of Winter
[edit]Artist nameEels
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Standin' in the dark
Outside the house
Breathin' in the cold
And sterile air
Well I was thinkin'
How it must feel

To see that
Little light
And watch it
As it disappears
And fades into
And fades into the night

So I know you're goin'
Pretty soon
Radiation sore throat
Got your tongue
Magic markers
Tattoo you

And show it
Where to aim
And strangers
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You won't feel any
You won't feel any pain

And the streets are
Jammed with cars
Rockin' their horns
To race to the wire
Of the unfinished line

Thought that I'd forget
All about the past
But it doesn't let me
Run too fast
And I just wanna
Stand outside

And know that
This is right
And this is true
And I will not
Fade into
Fade into the night
I'm standin' here in the dark
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Lyrics to Dead of Winter
by Eels

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