Lyrics to Jim
by Ella Fitzgerald

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[edit]Song titleJim
[edit]Artist nameElla Fitzgerald
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Why am I sitting alone tonight,
when I could be out where the lights are bright?
It's all because of Jim, It's all because of Jim.
Why am I wasting these precious years?
Why am I crying these bitter tears?
It's all because of Jim, It's all because of Jim.

Jim doesn't ever bring me pretty flowers,
Jim never tries to cheer my lonely hours,
Find more similar lyrics on't know why I'm so crazy for Jim.
Jim never tells me I'm his hearts desire.
I never seem to set his love afire
Gone are the years I've wasted on him.
Sometimes when I get feeling low,
I say "Let's call it quits."
Then I hang on and let him go
Breaking my heart in bits.
Some day I know that Jim will up and leave me,
But even if he does you can believe me,
I'll go on carrying the torch for Jim.
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Lyrics to Jim
by Ella Fitzgerald

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