Lyrics to Calm Americans
by Elliott

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[edit]Song titleCalm Americans
[edit]Artist nameElliott
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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bound to own all of our dreams. intimate love
affair with common man themes. you'll come quick
and you'll come here now a fool to make it all
erase. you stand where you fall, you climb when
you cave, your looks spent the life your body
would pay. you're a minute thin when the time is
always right. you've already americanized your
thoughts. realize i try it's all i've got. it's
all been americanized that's all. you lead your
life pretending that you're not found dead yet.
you've already made it, you've already met your
goal. you entertain take a taste and runaway with,
it's all been americanized that's all. you
symbolize the message that we're all ok with, we
all fall in bed with, we've all lost our sense of
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ready americanized that's all. you come for
suicides and breaknecks, it's alright i've already
made my dream. it's alright i convince myself,
it's over let's get it right. we calm ourselves
with sex and games, it's over let's get it right.
we calm ourselves with locks and keys, it's over
let's get it right. we calm ourselves with store
bought dreams, it's over let's get it right.
realize i've tried feel it's all i've got. it's
all been americanized that's all. you symbolize
with a message that we're all ok with. we all lie
in bed with, we've all lost our sense of tough.
bound to own all of our dreams. it's already
americanized that's all.
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Lyrics to Calm Americans
by Elliott

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